Trainee Recruitment

Are you a UK based trainee interested in improving surgical skills teaching?

We are looking for trainees who are interested in becoming involved in a national surgical skills teaching initiative.

This role will involve helping surgical societies deliver a curriculum of basic surgical skills and facilitating assessment of these skills

Roles Available

University of Aberdeen

University of Dundee

University of Edinburgh

Hull York Medical School

University of Cambridge

Barts and the London

Imperial College London

King's College London

University of Cardiff

University of Bristol

University of Birmingham

University of Manchester

Lancaster  University

University of Central Lancashire

University of Southampton

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

1) Trainee Lead

All societies require a trainee lead to help the society coordinate the trainees involved with surgical skills teaching and assessment

They will also act as a liaison between the trainees and SUTURE UK steering committee

2) Surgical skills trainer/assessor

Keen trainees with an interest in facilitating skills training and assessment

Trainees and Trainee Leads are required for a SUTURE UK affiliated society at one of the universities displayed above


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