Research Overview


Assessing existing surgical skills training

The first wave of data from surgical societies, medical schools and their students will provide information on the current provision of undergraduate surgical skills education in the UK. Further, we are systematically analysing current methods of surgical and procedural surgical skills delivery.

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Determining the impact of skills education

Effective education during undergraduate years can foster lasting interest and motivation towards a surgical career. A key focus for research is to determine perceptions surrounding a career in surgery and how student engagement can change as a result of being involved with our programme.


Validation of a skills education model

Regular feedback from students and societies will allow continuous revision of the curriculum and teaching provision. We can expect to provide data on student proficiency before and after curriculum changes, allowing identification of areas for improvement and teaching strategies that have worked well.


Building a surgical education research collaborative

Data collection is integral to accomplishing several of the key priorities in research and student involvement will be central to this. Local leads will be guided on recruiting other collaborators and deploying standardised data collection tools in their respective surgical society. Involvement in data collection will be credited appropriately when the data is used for publication.