Industry Overview


Improving access to surgical skills equipment

Delivery of high-quality surgical skills training is fundamentally constrained by the cost of purchasing basic resources. Purchasing equipment from commercial organisations is expensive and student surgical societies often have a limited budget. We will negotiate price packages and discounts with industry partners and the resulting agreements can be disseminated onto affiliated surgical societies for individual order placement.


Supporting students with membership benefits

SUTURE UK intends to support students with benefits relevant to their current training requirements by liaising with corporate partners providing study resources and other relevant services. We intend to help procure deals for these services at affordable rates for students and trainees to support them in their professional development.


Exploring supplementary uses of cost-effective simulation

Research and development will be a core focus of this domain as we examine ways to devise cost-effective solutions for common problems encountered when using surgical training equipment, such as durability and fidelity. Generated ideas will be compiled into proposals and communicated with industry leaders to explore feasibility, manufacturing and distribution.