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Welcome to SUTURE UK Education

Here you will find an overview of the SUTURE UK education team, their current projects and how they can benefit your student society and surgical skills learning experience. 

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Education Team

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SUTURE UK Curriculum

We have built a thorough curriculum with a panel of surgeons, surgical trainees and medical students to select for technical and skills. These are all deemed necessary and desirable for the surgically minded undergraduate.

Certification is available upon completion of the entire curriculum

Contact your local SUTURE UK affiliated society for assessment

SUTURE UK Learning Resources

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Each curriculum topic is supported by an instruction sheet which has been peer assessed to ensure accuracy and clarity. Further, we will deliver online video demonstration for all skills.

Resource content and quality are subject to rigorous review  to ensure that we are delivering accurate, clear material for our students and affiliated skills clubs’ perusal.


SUTURE UK Assessment

Assessment of skills will occur at skills club sessions. Each skill has an associated assessment sheet which once completed can be uploaded to the SUTURE UK website. This will allow students to track their progress through the curriculum.

Assessment Model:

1.Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills (OSATs)

  • Scale dependent on specific skill

2.Global Rating Scale (GRS)

  • 1-5 Scale (4+ to be deemed competent)